Text Box: Sheri Wammock, MS. Ed., Director PACE
As a former online school administrator and the mother of a freshman swimmer at Campbell University, Sheri discovered that many of the student-athletes she worked with and their parents had little or no knowledge of the NCAA Eligibility Center or the requirements needed to be eligible to compete at the NCAA Division 1or 2 levels.  Through her experience, Sheri has put together a program that helps parents and student-athletes through the process of eligibility.
Sheri’s experience as a Division 1 Basketball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University in the late 1980’s was very different with respect to today’s NCAA eligibility rules.  That said, her experience as a coach and a former high school and college student-athlete helps her understand what challenges your child has in his or her endeavor to play college sports.  Coupled with her athletic background, Sheri also has a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990, which gives her unique breadth of experience in this field.
Sheri has been married for the past 23 years to Eric Wammock, a former NCAA Division 1 athlete and Head Tennis Coach at Virginia Commonwealth University.  They have three daughters, Erica (FR, Campbell University—swimming), Samantha (SOPH, Hilton Head High—soccer), and Alex (2nd grade).