Text Box: Preparing Athletes for College Eligibility
Many high school student-athletes finish their Senior year with eyes set on competing at the NCAA Division 1 or 2 level.  However, some find out that even though they had a solid GPA and SATís, they did not meet NCAA Eligibility Center rules or core requirements and are therefore ineligible.  Eligibility to participate in Collegiate Athletics at the Division 1 or 2 level requires not only athletic ability but also meeting the academic requirements of the NCAA Eligibility Center.  PACE prepares your child throughout high school to meet these requirements by reviewing transcripts and determining the appropriate course path to satisfy both graduation and NCAA requirements.  In addition PACE will work with students to identify academic criteria at their prospective colleges and assist in making sure each institutionís  requirements are met.
The process for becoming eligible to participate in college athletics has become much more intensive than in the past.  Today it is much more than honing your athletic skills and ability.  PACE is an affordable way to stay on top of the necessary courses to be able to compete and graduate.
Let PACE help you set up your student-athleteís Login account, monitor his or her courses and assist you with each step throughout the process, so that your child can meet the Eligibility Center requirements for participation.